Monday, August 18, 2008

Artisan ~ Les Arts by Gloria

I'm constantly amazed by all the Marie Inspired art available, when I think of the phrase Artisan, I think of Gloria! My new found Blog Friend I came across while searching for Marie inspired art, I sure hit the jackpot! You have to enlarge the photos of her art, the detail and thought put into each piece is divine. Gloria's pieces are full of romance, vintage, timeless beauty. Be sure to stop by Here and leave her a comment aand see the rest of her beautiful artful life!


Miss Sandy said...

My post is up announcing your new blog with a link back here. I hope you have few more Marie fans visit! Laura of Decor to Adore recently had a birthday party with a Marie theme, you should check it out. Have a great weekend!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Pop on over to my blog where I am currently hosting a Marie Antoinette themed birthday party.

Debi said...

Hi Kim,
What a beautiful blog! I have a few Marie paintings, maybe you would like some for your blogYOu did a beautiful job! Once again you are amazing!

SherryRoseBella said...

Hi Kimberly...this is just beautiful. I am a Marie Antoinette fan, too!


Hello Ryan,

I wish I knew you before to invite you to my Soiree...

~ Gabriela ~

Cottage Touch said...

OMG! Be still my heart wow! Thank you for the invite,yes absolutely you can post any pics you like! I am so honored what a beautiful blog!Ok I have to stop drooling!


Wow, what an anazing blog, especially for me a Marie Antoinette Fan.
I'm linking you to my blog.
xxxx margaret xxxx

lilibulle said...

it's amazing!!!