Monday, August 18, 2008

Artisan ~ Les Arts by Gloria

I'm constantly amazed by all the Marie Inspired art available, when I think of the phrase Artisan, I think of Gloria! My new found Blog Friend I came across while searching for Marie inspired art, I sure hit the jackpot! You have to enlarge the photos of her art, the detail and thought put into each piece is divine. Gloria's pieces are full of romance, vintage, timeless beauty. Be sure to stop by Here and leave her a comment aand see the rest of her beautiful artful life!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Artist Azuree` "VintageGypsy"

Beautiful , creative, romantic, are words I would use to describe our next artist Azuree`. I have purchased a few special pieces from her and love them, it's been a while since I checked to see what she had and I was floored by her new designs! Like her Mom , Mosaic artist Mary Garrett aka Vintagedragonfly, she is truly inherited the artist jean. Here are a few of her Marie inspired pieces. She has just joined Etsy so she will be listing there shortly, her user name is
Vintagegypsy be sure to keep checking for her new creations, in the meantime you can find her art here.
Thank you Azuree`, isnt that a beautiful name?

Artist Natasha Burns

My sweet friend Natasha Burns was so kind to let me showcase just a few of her elegant designs. I love the Journals they are so lovely. Natasha is also a talented painter, shown below are two paintings of Marie inspired Hat & shoe that I love! The fans are equally lovely and very Marie don't you think? Thank you so much Natasha! We will wait patiently for new creations. Be sure to visit her and see all her lovely creations.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Live The Queen!

Yes, the title is Vive La Reine! Long Live the Queen, and she sure does live on thru movies, museums and the countless art creations of hundreds maybe thousands of artists in the world! We as artists, were inspired by her decadent living, the romantic dresses, jewels, French decor, shoes, hats, architecture of the era and so much more. Her love of Pink and pink roses also inspires what we create. My wish for this blog is to feature artists creations from all over the world that were inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette. To start I will showcase a few of my original Marie inspired art projects and hopefully others will follow!